KMC Properties ASA - Disclosure of large shareholding

17.01.2024 19:48

Reference is made to the stock exchange announcement by KMC Properties ASA (the "Company") on 16 January 2024 regarding the exercise by Nordika Blue AB ("Nordika") of a call option for the total amount of NOK 130,000,002 (the "Call Option"). Pursuant to the Call Option, a total of 22,608,696 new shares are to be issued to Nordika's wholly-owned subsidiary Flugfiskaren AB, at a subscription price of NOK 5.75 per share. The share capital increase pertaining to the Call Option was today approved by the board of directors of the Company. Subject to subscription, payment and delivery of the 22,608,696 new shares, Nordika's shareholding in the Company has increased to 72,608,696 shares (held through its wholly-owned subsidiary Flugfiskaren AB), representing an increase from approx. 12.68% to approx. 17.42% of the total number of shares and voting rights in the Company. Consequently, Nordika has exceeded the 15% disclosure threshold. Nordika Förvaltning AB, as the fund manager of Nordika, is the disclosing party on an aggregated level. The shares are effectively held by Flugfiskaren AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nordika. This information is subject to the disclosure requirements in section 4-2 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.