KMC Properties ASA - Mandatory notification of trade

11.01.2024 18:00

BEWI Invest AS, a close associate of chair and primary insider of KMC Properties ASA Bjørnar André Ulstein, has today made the following transactions: Reference is made to the stock exchange notice published on 23 October 2023, whereas HAAS AS has called an option (the "Option") to sell 30 000 000 shares in KMC Properties ASA. The shares are today transferred to BEWI Invest AS as buyer, at a strike price of NOK 11.75 per share. The Option was granted in January 2022 and was part of an agreement related to BEWI Invest's, and indirectly the Bekken family's, ownership interests in BEWI ASA and KMC Properties ASA. The agreement secured BEWI Invest's ownership position in BEW ASA. The strike price of the Option expressed the approximate market price per share of KMC Properties ASA at the time the Option agreement was entered into. Following the purchase of 30 000 000 shares under the Option, BEWI Invest AS will directly and indirectly control 169 020 955 shares and votes in KMC Properties ASA, equal to 42.88 per cent. Further, BEWI Invest AS has today entered into an agreement to sell 18 000 000 shares in KMC Properties ASA to Corvus Estate AS at a price per share of NOK 6.35. Completion of the agreement with Corvus Estate AS will take place within 7 business days. Following completion of the agreement with Corvus Estate AS, BEWI Invest AS will directly and indirectly control 151 020 955 shares, representing 38.32 per cent. Consequently, BEWI Invest AS will not (nor its parent company Bekken Invest AS) put forward a mandatory offer for the remaining shares in KMC Properties ASA. Please refer to the attached notification of trading for further details. About KMC Properties ASA KMC Properties is an Oslo Børs-listed real estate company focusing on industrial- and logistic properties. The company has a diversified portfolio of properties in the Nordics and the Netherlands. The properties are strategically located and have long lease agreements with solid tenants. KMC Properties has an ambitious strategy to grow the portfolio through further development of existing properties, as well as M&A initiatives. This information is published in accordance with the disclosure requirements in Regulation EU 596/2014 (MAR) article 19, section 5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act, and the Oslo Rule Book II.